Project Home vs Custom Home

A sitting lounge for a custom build home

When deciding between a custom build vs project home, it’s important to first consider what you’re looking to achieve with the build and of course, your budget.

Here are some examples of differences you can expect to see between project homes and custom homes.




Custom built vs project homes


Project Home
Custom Home
Select from a range of pre drawn plans. Design your own dream home.
Budget finishes. Mid to high end finishes.
Limited range to choose from for all selections & finishes. As much flexibility with selections as your budget allows for.
Generally minimal inclusions in the quote which can lead to variations throughout the build. Very detailed quote so you know exactly what is & isn’t allowed for.


Cost vs Budget. Where is the difference?

Expanse Lounge for a custom built homeIt’s important to know what is included in your quote or tender. This can be challenging, even for those who have built before. Often there are very minimal inclusions in project homes which is how they keep costs down. Although you might arrive at a budget and locate a building approach within your budget, changing things or adding things during the build can easily take you over budget with variations. A good custom builder on the other hand will give you an extremely detailed quote which generally means less variations but you know exactly where you stand, up front. It’s important to understand what’s included in your quote so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

The way your home is built.

Arial view of a custom built swimming poolMaterials used, engineering requirements, custom features within the design and construct and finishes selected. These are some of the factors that can make a huge impact on the cost and the quality of a home. The way a home is built and cost cutting through the build can cost you a lot more down the track. For example; the insulation. Although you don’t need to insulate your entire home to meet the building code, Patterson Built always advises our clients to invest into this type of upgrade, in order to save money and be more sustainable long term with heating & cooling your home.

Any impacts on the Design process?

Custom home exterior designProject home builders will typically give you a range of home designs to choose from, a colour palette, a couple of ranges of tapware etc, and generally keep their finishes nice but very basic. This is absolutely perfect for some people. Especially if it’s an investment property. Unfortunately, for those wanting this to be your dream home, there will be little to no room to customise through this process.

When you build a custom home, your builder will take the time to get to know you and what your vision is. From designing with an architect, to all your council approvals, down to the finer detail of where your power points are best placed, relative to the way you live. This is the custom building experience and for those who appreciate the personal and individualised process, there is no better way to build your dream home.

Important to note however is that custom building isn’t for everyone. And in saying that, there is definitely a place for project home builders. It’s about getting clear on which one is for you and doing your research. At Patterson Built, we genuinely care so we hope to add value with every building conversation we have, no matter which direction you choose to go.

Is a personal relationship with your Team important to you?


The personal touch with a Custom Build

The common theme we’ve noticed with our clients over the years, is that most of them have built before, sometimes several times. When they come to us to build their custom dream home, they generally will have an idea of what they want. They don’t just want their house built, they want a builder that they can trust with their family’s vision for the future. They want to know that the team they’re working with are invested in bringing their vision to life. Having the personal touch of working with the same team from initial conversations, through the design process, the build and well after handover is what makes a true custom built experience.

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